JAZECRETE - AEA is a liquid water reducing plasticizer and air absorbent concrete
A mixture designed to improve and improve the workability of concrete mixes
physical properties. Reduces concrete mixing water and introduces microscopic air
Bubbles on the concrete matrix to increase resistance to frost damage and thawing
salts. After mixing with concrete components, it is absorbed on cement particles
Introducing robust vacuum behavior that helps reduce mixing
water and enable to reduce the loss of operability. Depends on the combination of modification
Lignosulphonates are organic modifiers and are manufactured under controlled conditions
Consistent quality assurance.
JAZECRETE - AEA is designed to be used as a strong airtight plasticizer
Chemical additives to concrete to increase durability and increase resistance to concrete
Frost damage and defrosting salts in:

  • Concrete roads
  • Airport runways
  • Floors of the bridge
  • All concrete subject to possible frost and defrosting damage.

It can also be used to increase the cohesion and workability of concrete mixes and as part of
Concrete joint system in precast concrete.