Plasticized expanding Grout Admixture in powdered form

Product Description
JAZEBEX 100 is a high performance, high-range water- reducing, Plasticized expanding
grout admixture in powdered form that is formulated to produce flowing concrete and to
improve early & ultimate concrete strengths. It effectively reduces the concrete mixing
water, so it improves all physical and mechanical properties of the concrete. After mixing
with the concrete ingredients, it is adsorbed on cement particles introducing a powerful
deflocculating behavior which helps in reduction of the mixing water and allowing increasing
both early and ultimate strengths. It is based on a selected sulphonated naphthalene
polymer powder.

JAZEBEX 100 is formulated to be used as powerful superplasticizer chemical concrete
admixture to produce high quality concrete with high early & ultimate strengths are required:

  • Precast concrete elements
  • Prestressed concrete.
  • Slabs, basements and foundations.
  • Walls, columns and piers.
  • Bridges and related structures.
  • Floor slabs and screed for easier placing, compaction and finishing related work.
  • All concrete that requires the early formwork removal and early use.
  • Drymix products
  • Non-shrink cement grouts.