JCC Flex 50 AC

One-Component, Elasto-plastic, ability of over coating Acrylic Sealant


Product Description

JCC-FLEX 50 AC is a one-component, elasto-plastic joint sealant on an acrylic-dispersion base. JCC-FLEX 50 AC is normally used internally and externally for joints with low movement, which are to be over coated with dispersions or wall papers. In case of doubts we recommend carrying out trials to confirm the compatibility. JCC-FLEX 50 AC is of pasty and sag resistance form, which hardens through the suitable for use in hot and tropical climates.


JCC-FLEX 50 AC is used for sealing joints in:

  • Window and door frames both internally or externally.
  • Brick-work and block-work.
  • Joining precast elements in house construction.
  • Lightweight cladding panels.
  • Low compression and expansion movement on concrete, mortars, renderings, fiber cement and wood.

JCC Flex 50 AC


JCC Flex 50 AC