Polymer Modified, Cement-based, Self-smoothing Floor Topping

Product Description

JAZEFLOOR MONO TOP is single component quality control ready – to use self- leveling floor toppings. It is formulated to provide a very hard surface for different thicknesses compounds that is easy to spread onto the prepared surfaces. It is providing continuous protection against water & soluble salts, chemical and reagents such as hydraulic fluids, oil & grease, etc.

It contains selected hard aggregate, hydraulic binders, pigments, shrinkage compensating agents, flow modifiers and other additives that improve physical & mechanical properties.

It is produced in two grades:

  • JAZEFLOOR MONO TOP GP: General purpose self-levelling compound for domestic and industrial applications from featheredge up to 30 mm.
  • JAZEFLOOR MONO TOP HD: Heavy duty for industrial floor leveling compound from 10 –mm up to 50- mm.

It can receive coating with epoxy resin-based floor products.