Single Component, High Performance, Crack – bridging, Acrylic -based, Elastomeric Waterproof, Protective & Decorative Coating with anti-bacterial properties for Concrete and Masonry Surfaces

Product Description

JAZECOAT – AR is a system consists of JAZEGARD SN 70 as primer and JAZECOAT - AR as topcoat.

JAZEGARD SN 70 is first defense stabilizing primer that is based on a blend of selected silane – siloxane, selected solvent carrier for more penetration and modifiers. It is a reactive primer that is capable of producing a chemically-bound hydrophobic barrier: thus inhibiting the passage of water & waterborne salts and at the same time enable the substrate to breath. It contains chemical agents that does not support the growth of bacteria and at the same time is non-toxic.

JAZECOAT - AR is single component, acrylic-based, high-performance, elastomeric waterproofing & protective coating for concrete & masonry substrates and suitable to be in contact with potable water. It is suitable for applications for exterior & interior and vertical & horizontal substrates for domestic & hospital applications. After application and full cure, it provides an elastomeric & crack –bridging film that is UV & dirt-pick up resistance and protects atmospherically exposed reinforced concrete from attack by acid gases, chloride ions, carbon dioxide oxygen and water & waterborne salts, specially where there is a danger of subsequent cracks appearing within the substrates. It contains agents which does not support the growth of bacteria. It is available in a wide range of colours.