High-range water-reducing Concrete Admixture with workability
Retention and for Use Precast concrete and with Pozzolanic Materials

Product Description
JAZECRETE- SP10 is high-range water-reducing (superplasticizer) concrete admixture
for tropical conditions & hot concreting. It is formulated to produce high concrete
properties with extended workability and for use with pozzolanic materials: silica fumes,
PFA, Slag, etc. It is based on high performance polymers that well disperse cement
particles that tend to agglomerate, enabling the mixing water to perform more efficiently
and contains materials that produce high early strength concrete after final setting.

JAZECRETE – SP10 is formulated to be used as high range water-reducing concrete
admixtures with workability retention to:

  • Provides an excellent water reduction with very good workability & workability retention.
  • Provides an excellent early development as well as ultimate strengths.
  • Improves the workability & extending the workability life without addition of water.
  • Improves the durability and reducing the permeability.
  • To be used with pozzolanic materials: Silica Fumes, PFA, Slag where waterreduction
  • and physical & mechanical properties to be greatly improved.

So, JAZECRETE – SP10 is suitable to be used in concreting:

Ready mix concrete.

Pre-cast & Prestressed concrete.

Bridges, ceilings, beams, floorings, etc.