2-Component, Cement-based, Acrylic Modified, Flexible, High Performance Waterproofing & Protective Coating for Concrete & Masonry Surfaces, Suitable for Drinking Water

Product Description

JAZEPROOF - DW is 2-component, cement-based, acrylic modified, flexible (to tolerate cracks), waterproofing & protective coating for masonry substrates and suitable to be in contact with potable water. It is suitable for applications for exterior & interior and vertical & horizontal substrates. It is supplied as 2-component that after mixing will provide brushable consistency to form hard wearing seamless, high performance waterproofing & protective membrane having effective barrier to the waterborne salts and atmospheric gases.

It contains selected hydraulic binders, acrylic polymer, waterepellent agents, hard wearing aggregate, and other modifiers that improve the physical & mechanical properties.

It is available in standard colours and any colour is available upon request.