2-Component, Elastomeric, Cement-based, Non-toxic, Acrylic- modified, Flexible, High Performance Waterproofing & Weatherproof Protective Coating for Masonry Surfaces

Product Description

JAZEPROOF - ELE is 2-component, elastomeric and flexible, cement-based, acrylic modified, waterproof & weatherproof protective coating for concrete and masonry substrates and suitable to be in contact with potable water. It is suitable for applications for exterior & interior and vertical & horizontal substrates. After application and full cure, it will provide elastomeric & flexible membrane that is able to accommodate up to 2-mm. After mixing and application, it will provide hard wearing seamless, high performance elastomeric & flexible waterproofing & protective membrane having effective barrier to the waterborne salts and atmospheric gases.

It contains selected hydraulic binders, acrylic polymer which provides non-tacky & permanently elastomeric film with a good balance of tensile strength and elongation with excellent recovery, waterepellent agents, hard wearing aggregate and other modifiers that improve the physical & mechanical properties. It is available in standard colours or any colours upon request