High Performance, Crack-bridging, Acrylic –based, Heavy Duty, Durable Protective Membrane Coating for PU Foam and Elastomeric weather proof & Water Proof Protective Coating for Concrete & Masonry Surfaces.

Product Description

JAZEROOFCOAT-AR is a superior performance elastomeric single pack protective coating of spray applied polyurethane foam insulations. This unique product is derived from specialty polymeric compounds which on application forms tough, flexible, seamless, durable weather and water resistant solar reflective, UV resistant membrane over the PU foam.


JAZEROOFCOAT – AR is suitable for the waterproofing and protection of different kinds of spray applied polyurethane foam insulations. It is also can be used for other applications such as waterproofing , Solar reflective and protective coating substrates such as concrete, tiles, asbestos cement and wood etc.